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October 31st, 2018: GASTER

Definition: GASTER*GASTERS n the enlarged part of the abdomen in some insects

Anagrams: gaters grates greats retags stager targes

Hooks: gasterS

Ana-hooks: aIgrets argeNts ergatEs gaGster gaIters garGets garNets garOtes garRets garteRs gastreA gatHers grateRs graVest graYest gYrates Largest Orgeats Pargets restagE seagIrt stagerS stagGer stagIer stOrage straNge tagGers targeTs teargAs tOerags trIages

'Typos': baster caster easter faster gaiter garter gasher gasper gasser gasted laster master paster raster taster vaster waster

Blana-grams: aFters agAtes ageIst ageNts agGers agLets agreEs aIgret aIrest aLerts aLters aNgers aNtres aretEs argeNt argLes argOts argUes arMets arRest arteLs artsIe asSert asterN asterS aUgers aVerts Barest Barges Breast Cagers Carets Cartes Caters Crates Daters Derats eagErs eagrEs eartHs eatErs egEsta egGars egrEts ergatE ergOts ersatZ estraL estraY eXtras gaGers gaMers gaMest gaPers garGet garNet garOte garRet gartHs gasKet gatHer gatOrs gaYest gaZers geraHs gLares graCes graDes graFts graNts graPes grateD grateR gratIs graVes graZes greasE greasY greEts grOats gYrase gYrate Haters Hearts Jagers Lagers Larges Marges Maters Matres Oaters Orates Orgeat Osetra Pagers Parges Parget Paters Prates rageEs rageRs raMets raNges raRest rateLs rateRs raWest reaCts reatAs reCast rePast resEat rUgate sageSt sagGer sagIer saLter saNger sargeS satIre saUger seatEr segGar sKater sLater sParge stageD stageS stageY staKer staLer stareD stareR stareS starVe staTer staYer steLar sterNa straFe straKe straNg streaK streaM strIae sWager taBers tagGer taKers taLers taMers taPers targAs targeT tarRes taserS taTers taWers taXers teasEr tegUas teraIs tergaL terRas teTras tIgers tOerag traCes traDes tragUs traPes traVes treaDs treaTs trIage Urates Wagers Waters Yagers Yarest

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age ager agers ages ags ar are areg ares ars arse art arts as aster at ate ates ear ears east eat eats er era eras erg ergs ers erst es est et eta etas gae gaes gar gars gas gast gat gate gater gates gats gear gears gest get geta getas gets grat grate great rag rage rages rags ras rase rat rate rates rats re reg regs res resat rest ret retag rets sae sag sage sager sarge sat sate sea sear seat seg ser sera set seta stag stage star stare ta tae tag tags tar tare tares targe tars tas tase taser te tea tear tears teas teg tegs terga tes tres tsar

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