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October 9th, 2018: PREST

Definition: PREST*PRESTS n a loan

Anagrams: strep

Hooks: prestO prestS

Ana-hooks: erUpts esprIt pAster pAters pestEr petErs pOster prAtes presEt prIest pUrest repAst repOts respOt rIpest sItrep spreNt sprIte stOper strepS strIpe tApers tOpers trApes trIpes trOpes tWerps

'Typos': crest drest presa prese press prost wrest

Blana-grams: Apers Apres Apter Asper Aster Certs Crept erUpt estEr estOp Frets Nerts pAres pArse pArts pAste pAter pAtes peArs peArt peAts peErs peLts perCs perEs perIs perKs perMs perPs persE perVs pestO pestS pestY petEr pIers pIste pOets pOres pOrts pOser prAse prAte prAts preEs prePs preYs prIes prIse prOse pUrse pYres rApes rAtes reAps reEst reNts repOs repOt repPs resAt resEt resIt restS rIpes rItes rOpes rOset rOtes septA septS setUp sLept spAre spAte speAr speCt speEr speIr speLt speNt sperM spIer spIre spIrt spIte spOre spOrt sprAt spreE sprIt sprUe spUrt stAre steEp steEr stepS sterE sterN stIpe stIrp stOpe stOre strAp streW strIp strOp stUpe sUper sWept tAper tApes tAres tArps tAser teArs teMps tepAs terEs terMs terNs tersE tHesp tIers tIres tOper tOpes tOres tOrse trAps treEs treKs treMs tresS treTs treWs treYs trIes trIpe trIps trOpe trUes tUrps tWerp tYers tYpes tYres Upset Verst Verts

Extensions: IMprest prestER prestOS IMprestS prestAMP prestERS prestIGE prestORE BUprestID prestAMPS prestERNA prestIGES prestORED prestORES prestRESS prestRIKE BUprestIDS prestAMPED prestERNUM prestORAGE prestORING prestAMPING prestIGEFUL prestIGIOUS prestISSIMO prestRESSED prestRESSES prestERILIZE prestRESSING prestRUCTURE prestERILIZED prestERILIZES prestIGIOUSLY prestRUCTURED prestRUCTURES prestERILIZING prestIGIOUSNESS

Sub-anagrams: er ers erst es est et pe per pert pes pest pet pets pst re rep reps res rest ret rets sept ser set step te tes tres

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