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June 21st, 2018: POTHER


Anagrams: thorpe

Hooks: potherB potherS

Ana-hooks: phorAte proPhet Strophe thorpeS

'Typos': bother mother nother posher potter potzer tother

Blana-grams: Copter Dehort Deport ephorI ephorS eXhort eXport Gopher heCtor herEto herIot hetEro hoOper hoOter hoperS hopPer horNet horSte hotTer ophIte otherS petroL phoNer poetrY porteD porteR poSter poUter poWter preSto pretoR proJet proteA proteI reDtop repLot repoRt repotS reShot reSpot rhetoR roChet rotChe roUpet Stoper tephrA terAph theorY thorpS threAp threEp throeS throNe throVe toCher toperS topheS topPer troChe troMpe tropeS trophY troUpe Uphroe Uptore Zeroth

Extensions: potherBS potherED potherY# potherING HYpotherMAL HYpotherMIA HYpotherMIC OpotherAPY# HYpotherMIAS OpotherAPIES#

Sub-anagrams: eh ephor er et eth he hep her hero het ho hoe hoer hop hope hoper hot oe oh op ope opt or ore ort other pe peh per pert pet pho phot pht po poet poh pore port pot pro re rep repo repot ret rho roe rope rot rote te the tho thorp thro throe to toe top tope toper toph tophe tor tore trop trope

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