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June 12th, 2018: OBTURATE


Anagrams: tabouret

Hooks: obturateD obturateS

Ana-hooks: tabouretS

'Typos': obdurate

Blana-grams: abettorS abutterS barBotte betatroN breaKout buttoNer butYrate outbLeat outbraVe outbreaK outrateD outrateS outStare outtraDe rebuttaL rebuttoN Saboteur Seatrout taboretS taboureD taboureR tautoMer torQuate turboJet tutoraGe

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab abet abettor abo abort about abut abutter ae aero ar arb arbute are art at ate att auto ba bar bare bat bate batt batter battu battue be bear beat beau beaut bet beta betta bettor bo boa boar boart boat boater bora borate bore bort bot bota bott bout bra brae brat bro brut brute bur bura buret but bute buteo butt butte butter ear eat eau er era et eta euro oar oat oater oba obe oe or ora orate orb ore ort ottar otter our out outa outate outeat outer outrate outre outta rat rate rato re reb rebato rebut ret rob robe roe rot rota rotate rote rotte roue rout route rub rubato rube rue rut ta tab taber tabor taboret tabour tabu tae tao tar tare taro tarot tart tat tate tater tau taut tauter te tea tear teat tet tetra to toe toea tor tora tore tort torta torte tot tote toter tour tout touter treat tret trot trou trout true tub tuba tubae tubate tube tuber turbo turbot tut tutor urate urb urea ut uta ute utter

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