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February 13th, 2018: PASEO

Definition: PASEO*PASEOS n a leisurely stroll

Anagrams: psoae

Hooks: paseoS

Ana-hooks: apPose asLope opeRas paeoNs paReos sapoTe sCopae soapeD soapeR

'Typos': pareo pases

Blana-grams: aeoNs aLoes apeRs apoDs apRes apseS aRose aspeN aspeR Capes Capos Copes Copse Dopas Dopes epHas esTop eXpos Gapes Heaps Hopes Japes Lapse Leaps Lopes Mopes Napes Neaps oaseS oaVes opaHs opaLs opeNs opeRa paCes paeoN paGes paIse paLes paNes paRes paRse pasSe pasTe paTes paUse paVes paXes peaGs peaKs peaLs peaNs peaRs peasE peaTs peoNs pePos pesoS pesTo pHase pLeas poeMs poesY poeTs poIse poKes poLes poMes poNes poPes poRes poseD poseR poseS poseY posSe poXes pRaos pRase pResa pRoas pRose psoaI psoaS Rapes Reaps Repos Ropes saLep sapoR sCape sCopa sCope sepaL sepIa sepoY sepTa sHape sLope sNeap soapS soapY soaVe spaCe spaDe spaDo spaeD spaeS spaKe spaLe spaRe spaTe speaK speaN speaR spoDe spoKe spoRe sToae sTope Tapes Tepas Toeas Topes Zoeas

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ape apes apo apos apse as asp epos es oe oes op opa opas ope opes ops os ose pa pas pase pe pea peas pes peso po pos pose sae sap sea so soap sop spa spae

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