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January 2nd, 2018: MERISTEM

Definition: MERISTEM*MERISTEMS n formative plant tissue

Anagrams: mimester mismetre stemmier

Hooks: meristemS

Ana-hooks: eremitIsm eXtremism Hermetism mesmeriSt meteOrism mimesterS mismetreD mismetreS mistemPer mistermeD sUmmiteer sWimmeret termTimes

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Ammeters Bimester Demerits Demister Dimeters emeritUs emirAtes emitTers emPtiers eremitEs eretHism etHerism eUmerism Femiters Gemmiest Germiest Gremmies Grimmest immeNser immerGes immerseD immerseS Jemmiest mArmites meisterS memOries memOrise merRiest mesmeriC metAmers miDterms miseNter mismeetS misSteer mistereD mistermS mitereRs Primmest rAmmiest reAmiest rimesteR rUmmiest semimUte simmereD sOmetime steAmier stemmerS stemmerY termiTes termLies termTime tiresOme trimmeRs trimmesT triRemes trisemeS

Extensions: meristemATIC

Sub-anagrams: ee em eme emes emir emirs emit emits emmer emmers emmet emmets ems er ere eres ers erst es est ester et immerse ire ires is ism it item items its me meer meers meet meets meister mem meme memes mems mere meres merest meri meris merism merit merits merse mes mese met mete meter meters metes metier metiers metis metre metres mets mi mim mime mimer mimers mimes mir mire mires mirs mis mise miser misere mismeet mismet mist mister misterm mite miter miters mites mitre mitres mm re ree reemit reemits rees reest rei reis reist rem remet remise remit remits rems res reset resit resite rest restem ret rete retem retems retes retie reties retime retimes rets riem riems rim rime rimes rims rise rit rite rites rits see seem seer sei seir seme semi semie semmit ser sere set si sim simmer sir sire siree sit site smee smir smit smite smiter sri st steem steer stem steme stemme stemmer stere stie stime stir stire te tee teem teems teer teers tees teme temes tems temse teres term terms terse tes ti tie tier tiers ties time timer timers times tire tires tis tree trees tremie (and 7 more)

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