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September 19th, 2017: CRESSET

Definition: CRESSET*CRESSETS n a metal cup for burning oil

Anagrams: resects secrets

Hooks: cressetS

Ana-hooks: cAteress cerAstes Lectress rectRess resPects scePters scePtres secretEs secUrest sestercE setscreW sPecters sPectres

'Typos': cresses

Blana-grams: Actress cAsters ceNsers ceNters ceNtres cerAtes cerIses cerItes cerMets cerUses cesserS cesUres cOrsets cOsters creAses creAtes creesEs cresteD crUsets Deserts Dessert eAsters ecArtes ectAses escOrts etcHers eXsects eXserts Festers Jesters Nesters Osseter Pesters Precess Presets recAsts recePts recItes recUses reFects reGests reJects reNests rescUes reseAts reseNts resItes resPect resteMs resteRs retcHes retesTs reVests sAeters scePter scePtre scerNes scLeres scOters screeDs screeNs seArces seArest seAters secerNs secretA secretE sectOrs secUres seLects setTers sPecter sPectre steAres stereOs sterVes steWers streeKs streeLs streeTs streNes teAsers teNrecs terceLs terceTs tersesT tesserA tesTers tIerces tresseD tresseL tresseS Versets Verstes Westers Zesters

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cee cees cere ceres cert certes certs cess cesse cesser cete cetes cree crees cress crest crests ee er ere erect erects eres ers erses erst es eses ess esse est ester esters ests et re rec recess recs ree rees reest reests res resect reses reset resets rest rests ret rete retes rets scree screes sec secret secs sect sects see seer seers sees ser sere seres serest sers sese set sets st steer steers stere steres te tee teer teers tees terce terces teres terse tes tree trees tres tress

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