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August 28th, 2017: SUSPIRE


Anagrams: pussier uprises

Hooks: suspireD suspireS

Ana-hooks: priMuses pursiesT spurRies surpRise uprAises upriseRs

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Aspires Bruises Cruises Diseurs espOirs espriTs euripUs Fissure Fussier iMpress iNsures issuerS Lispers Misuser Mussier pAresis pArises pAusers perCuss periTus persisT perusEs pisHers pisserS pissIer pOisers pOseurs pOussie prAises preMiss priesTs prisseD prisseS prOssie prussiC puisNes puLsers puriNes purisMs purisTs purseRs pursieR pursUes pusHers pusHier pussieS reissuE resHips risuseS sAuries seisurE seriOus siMpers sipPers sirupeD siTreps sNipers sOupier spiCers spiDers spiKers spireAs spireMs spriesT spriTes spruCes spuMier spurGes sQuires sTirpes sTripes suDsier suiTers suNrise supiNes supPers surMise sWipers uMpires upDries uprAise upriseN upriseR upsiDes upsiZes upsTirs usUries Viruses Wussier

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: er ers es ess ire ires is issue issuer pe per peri peris pes pi pie pier piers pies pis piss pisser piu press pries prise prises priss psi psis pur pure puri puris purs purse purses pus puses puss re rei reis rep reps res rip ripe ripes rips rise rises risus rue rues ruse ruses sei seis seps ser sers si sieur sieurs sip sipe sipes sips sir sire sires sirs sirup sirups sis speir speirs spier spiers spies spire spires sprue sprues spue spues spur spurs sri sris sue suer suers sues sup supe super supers supes sups sure sus up uprise ups urp urps us use user users uses

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