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July 19th, 2017: CORELLA

Definition: not available

Anagrams: ocellar

Hooks: corellaS

Ana-hooks: calloWer carolleD carolleR collareD collareT coVerall orcHella oVercall rocaIlle

'Typos': coralla corolla

Blana-grams: acerolA alleGro alloVer caJoler callerS calloSe caloMel calorIe caloYer carIole caroleD caroleR caroMel carRell cellarS cHloral cHolera cHorale cHoreal claroeS clearlY coalerS coalIer collaGe collarD collarS collaTe collIer coraCle corNeal earlocK eScolar eScroll llaNero localeS locaTer locUlar lorIcae loYaler oDaller oracleD oracleS oVerall Polacre realloT recallS recoalS roSella Scleral Solacer

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acer acre ae aero al ale alec all aloe ar arc arco are arle call caller calo car care carl carle carol cel cell cella cellar cello ceorl cero claro clear coal coaler col cola cole coll collar cor coral core ea ear earl el ell eorl er era la lac lace lacer laer lar lare lea leal lear lo loca local locale lor loral lore loreal lorel oar oca ocrea oe ole olea olla or ora oracle oral orc orca ore orle race rale re real realo rec recal recall recoal roc roe role roll

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