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June 18th, 2017: TOERAG

Definition: not available

Anagrams: garote orgeat

Hooks: toeragS

Ana-hooks: Fagoter garoteD garoteS garotTe garRote gLoater goatIer Legator Negator orgeatS oUtrage Portage Potager roOtage Storage

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aerUgo agorAe agorOt aIgret aMoret aortAe argeNt argotS argUte atoNer Boater Borage Borate Coater Doater Dogate Dogear Dotage ergatE ergotS Forage Forgat Forget gaIter gaLore gaoLer garGet garNet garRet garRot garteR gaSter gatHer gatorS geLato gHerao goateE goIter goItre gorGet graSte grateD grateR grateS greatS groatS groMet groSet groVet gYrate Legato Lorate oarAge oaterS oMerta oNager oraNge orateD orateS orNate oUtage oXgate Parget Potage Protea ragoUt ragtoP reBato retagS roateD roateS roMage rotaTe rUgate Sorage Stager Storge tagGer targeD targeS targeT tergaL togaeD togaTe toNger toWage trIage troaDe

Extensions: toeragGER toeragGERS

Sub-anagrams: ae aero ag age ager ago ar are areg aret argot art at ate ea ear eat ego er era erg ergo ergot et eta gae gar gare gart gat gate gator gear geat geo get geta go goa goat goe goer gor gore got grat grate great groat grot oar oat oater oe ogre or ora orate ore ort rag rage rat rate rato re reg rego ret retag roate roe rot rota rote ta tae tag tao tar tare targe taro te tea tear teg terga to toe toea tog toga togae toge tor tora tore trog

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