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May 26th, 2017: BOWSER

Definition: BOWSER*BOWSERS n a truck having a tank for fuel or water

Anagrams: bowers browse

Hooks: bowserS

Ana-hooks: besTrow beworMs bLowers bowLers bowYers browseD browseR browseS swobBer

'Typos': bosser bowler bowsed bowses bowyer dowser wowser

Blana-grams: beLows besNow besTow beVors beworM bLower boNers boreAs boreRs bosKer boUrse boweLs bowerY boXers brewIs broMes broseS broweD browNs Cowers Desorb Dowers Drowse eLbows eMbows esCrow Lowers Mowers oMbers oMbres owNers Powers Probes reboPs resHow resoRb resowN resowS rIbose robLes roweLs roweNs roweRs serowS sHower sLower sobBer soberS soMber soMbre sorbeD sorbeT sowerS sTrobe Towers Vowers webErs wHores woOers worseN worseR worseS worseT

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: be bes bo bore bores bos bow bower bows bowse brew brews bro bros brose brow brows er eros ers es obe obes oe oes or orb orbs ore ores ors os ose ow owe owes owse re reb rebs res resow rob robe robes robs roe roes rose row rows ser serow sew so sob sober sorb sore sow sower swob swore we web webs wo woe woes wore worse wos

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