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April 27th, 2017: DEVI

Definition: DEVI*DEVIS n a Hindu goddess

Anagrams: dive vide vied

Hooks: deviL deviS

Ana-hooks: diveD diveR diveS dRive Hived ivIed Jived Lived Rived viCed videO viNed viSed Wived

'Typos': defi deli deni desi deva devs nevi

Blana-grams: Aide Avid Bide Cedi deiL diCe dieD dieL dieS dieT diKe diMe diNe diRe diTe divA dOve ediT eidE eviL Five Gied Give Hide Hied Hive iCed ideA ideM ideS idLe iRed Jive Lied Live Nide Pied Ride Rive Side Tide Tied veiL veiN veLd veNd viBe viCe vidS vieR vieS vieW viLe viNe viSe viVe vLei vOid Wide Wive

Extensions: deviCE deviLS deviSE BEdeviL deviANT deviATE deviCES deviLED deviLRY deviOUS deviSAL deviSED deviSEE deviSER deviSES deviSOR BEdeviLS deviANCE deviANCY deviANTS deviATED deviATES deviATOR deviLET# deviLING deviLISH deviLKIN deviLLED deviLTRY deviSALS deviSEES deviSERS deviSING deviSORS BEdeviLED DAREdeviL deviANCES deviATING deviATION deviATIVE deviATORS deviATORY deviLDOM# deviLESS# deviLETS# deviLFISH deviLISM# deviLKINS deviLLING deviLMENT deviLRIES deviLWOOD deviOUSLY deviSABLE deviTRIFY BEdeviLING BEdeviLLED DAREdeviLS NONdeviANT VAUdeviLLE deviANCIES deviATIONS deviCEFUL# deviLDOMS# deviLINGS# deviLISHLY deviLISMS# deviLMENTS deviLSHIP# deviLTRIES deviLWOODS deviTALIZE ABERdeviNE# BEdeviLLING BEdeviLMENT DAREdeviLRY UNdeviATING VAUdeviLLES deviLESSES# deviLFISHES deviLSHIPS# deviOUSNESS deviTALISE# deviTALIZED deviTALIZES deviTRIFIED deviTRIFIES ABERdeviNES# BEdeviLMENTS DAREdeviLTRY NONdeviANTS$ OVERdeviATE# VAUdeviLLIAN deviATIONISM deviATIONIST deviLISHNESS deviTALISED# deviTALISES# deviTRIFYING DAREdeviLRIES (and 13 more)

Sub-anagrams: de dev die ed id vid vie

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