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February 14th, 2017: TEIN

Definition: TEIN*TEINS n a monetary unit of Kazakhstan

Anagrams: nite tine

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: eLint entiA Feint iDent inePt ineRt inLet inSet inteR neiSt niteR niteS nitRe Senti Stein teinD teinS teniA tHein tHine tineA tineD tineS tinGe tRine tWine Unite Untie

'Typos': pein rein tain teen tern thin twin tyin vein zein

Blana-grams: Ante Anti Bent Bine Bint Bite Cent Cine Cite Deni Dent Diet Dine Dint Dite eDit eMit etiC etnA etUi eXit Fine Gent Gien Gite Hent Hint intI intO iteM Kent Kine Kite Knit Lent Lien Line Lint Lite Mien Mine Mint Mite neAt neiF neSt netS netT neVi neWt neXt niCe niDe niNe nitS niXe nOte Pent Pine Pint Rent Rite Sent Sine Site Snit tenD tenS tenT tHen tiAn tiDe tieD tieR tieS tiKe tiLe tiMe tinG tinS tinT tinY tiRe tiYn tOne tUne tYne Unit Vent Vine Went Wine Wite Yeti Zine

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: en et in it ne net nit te ten ti tie tin

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