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February 12th, 2017: OCHE

Definition: OCHE*OCHES n a line behind which players stand when throwing darts

Anagrams: echo

Hooks: Boche Loche ocheR ocheS

Ana-hooks: cheMo choKe choRe choSe cohOe echoS ePoch ochRe

'Typos': ache eche

Blana-grams: ceRo chAo cheF cheM cheW cheZ choC choN choP choW coDe coeD cohO coKe coLe coMe coNe coPe coRe coSh coTe coVe Deco eAch echT ecoS eTch hecK heLo heRo hocK hoeD hoeR hoeS hoKe hoLe hoMe hoNe hoPe hoSe hoVe hoWe Lech Loch Mech oheD oKeh oNce oUch Pech Shoe Tech Yech

Extensions: BRoche BocheS CLoche LocheS RocheT TRoche TocheR ocheRS ocheRY BRIoche CARoche CLocheS COocheS CRocheT HOocheS MOocheD MOocheR MOocheS PANoche PENoche POocheD POocheS RocheTS SHocheT SORoche TRocheE TRocheS TocheRS ocheRED BRIocheS BROocheS CABocheD CARocheS CRocheTS ISocheIM MOocheRS PANocheS PENocheS PRocheIN RICocheT SCOocheD SCOocheS SMOocheD SMOocheR SMOocheS SORocheS TRocheES TocheRED ocheRING ocheRISH ocheROID ocheROUS BIocheMIC BRocheTTE CARRocheS CRocheTED CRocheTER GUILLoche ISocheIMS RICocheTS SCROocheD SCROocheS SHocheTIM SMOocheRS TocheRING BIocheMIST BRocheTTES CRocheTERS CRocheTING GEocheMIST GUILLocheS RICocheTED SPIRocheTE SYNECDoche BIocheMICAL BIocheMISTS GEocheMICAL GEocheMISTS RICocheTING RICocheTTED SPIRocheTAL SPIRocheTES SYNECDocheS BIocheMICALS BIocheMISTRY GEocheMISTRY RICocheTTING BIocheMICALLY GEocheMICALLY PETRocheMICAL SPIRocheTOSES SPIRocheTOSIS BIOGEocheMICAL BIocheMISTRIES GEocheMISTRIES PETRocheMICALS BIOGEocheMICALS BIOGEocheMISTRY

Sub-anagrams: eco eh he ho hoe och oe oh

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