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December 24th, 2016: DESI*

Definition: not available

Anagrams: dies ides side

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Aides Aside Bides Cedis Cides deFis deiDs deiLs deisM deisT deLis diCes dieBs dieTs diKes diMes diNes disMe diTes diVes dRies ediTs eidOs eiLds Heids Hides ideAs ideEs idLes isLed Nides Resid Rides sdeiN sHied sideD sideR sideS sidLe sieLd siLed siNed siPed siRed siTed siZed sKied sLide sNide sPide sPied sTied Tides Vised Weids Wides Wised

'Typos': defi deli desk

Blana-grams: Aide Aids Beds Bide Bids Bise Cedi Cide Cids dAes dAis deBs deEs deiD deiL deLs deNs deUs deVs deWs deYs diBs diCe dieB dieD dieL dieT diGs diKe diMe diMs diNe diNs diPs diRe disA disC disH disK disS diTe diTs diVe diVs dOes dOse dUes dYes edHs ediT eGis eidE eiKs eiLd eLds eNds Feds Feis Fids Geds Gids Gied Gies Heid Hide Hied Hies iCed iCes ideA ideE ideM idLe iRed iRes isLe Keds Kids Leis Lids Lied Lies Mids Mise Neds Nide Nids Nied Nies Odes Peds Pied Pies Pise Reds Reis Ride Rids Rise sAde sAdi sAid seEd seiF seiK seiL seiR seiS seLd seMi seNd sHed siCe sidA sieN siKe siLd siLe siNd siNe siPe siRe siTe siZe sKid sLed sLid sNed sPed sPie sTed sTie sUed sUid sYed Teds Tide Tids Tied Ties Used Vide Vids Vied Vies Vise Weds Weid Wide Wise Yids Zeds

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de dei di die dis ed es id ide ids is sed sei si

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