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December 23rd, 2016: RONDE

Definition: RONDE*RONDES n a dance in which the dancers move in a circle

Anagrams: drone redon

Hooks: rondeL rondeS

Ana-hooks: Bonder Corned deHorn dInero doWner droneD droneR droneS endUro Fonder Horned Ironed Modern nodDer norMed Pernod Ponder redonE redonS rodenT rodMen rodneY Snored Sonder Sorned Undoer Vendor Wonder Yonder

'Typos': monde rondo sonde

Blana-grams: Adore Adorn Andro Anode Boned Boner Bored Borne Coden Coder Coned Cored Credo Crone deCor deMon denAr deVon dIner doerS doneE donNe donOr doPer doreS doSer doTer doVen doWer doYen doZen doZer droKe droVe droWn endEr endoW enorM enroL erodE Freon Frond Genro Goner Gored Heron Honed Honer Horde Irone Kendo Krone Loden Loner nerdS nerdY neroL nodeS noSed noTed noTer nUder oAred odDer odeOn oLden oLder onerY orBed ordeR oreAd oWned oWner Pedro Pored Prone rAdon reCon redAn redoS redoX rendS renoS reSod reWon roBed rodeO rodeS roPed roSed roUen roUnd roVed roVen roWed roWen Senor Snore Sored Tenor Toned Toner Trend Trode Trone Under Uredo Zendo Zoned Zoner

Extensions: FrondeD rondeAU rondeLS FrondeUR rondeAUX rondeLET rondeLLE FrondeURS rondeLETS rondeLLES

Sub-anagrams: de den do doe doer don done dor dore ed en end eon er ern ne nerd no nod node nor od ode oe on one or ore re red redo rend reno rod rode roe

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