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October 28th, 2016: TASSO*

Definition: not available

Anagrams: assot oasts stoas tosas

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: asCots assoRt assotS assotT Bastos Boasts Coasts Fatsos Hoasts Hostas Potass Roasts saBots saLtos saNtos sHoats soFtas stoaTs stoMas toasTs

'Typos': basso lasso tasse

Blana-grams: aLtos asCot asKos assEt atoCs atoKs atoMs aUtos Basto Basts Boast Boats Botas Casts Coast Coats Costa Costs Datos Doats Easts Fasts Fatso Fossa Gasts Goats Hoast Hosta Hosts Iotas Jatos Jotas Lasts Loast Lotas Masts Moats Mosts oasEs oasIs oatHs oCtas oKtas ossIa ostIa oUsts Pasts Posts Psoas Ratos Roast Rosts Rotas saBot saGos saIst saLto saLts saNto saNts saRos satEs satIs saUts saYst sCats sCots sEats sHoat sHots sKats sLats sLots sNots soaKs soaPs soaRs soCas soDas soFas soFta soFts soJas soLas soMas soOts soRas soRts sotHs soUts soYas sPats sPots staBs staGs staPs staRs stasH staTs staWs staYs stoaE stoaI stoaT stoBs stoMa stoPs stosS stoTs stoWs sWats sWots taCos taRos tasKs toaDs toasT toEas toGas toLas toRas tosEs tossY tRass tsaRs Vasts Wasts

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: as ass at oast oat oats os ossa sat so sos sot sots st stoa ta tao taos tas tass to tosa toss

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