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October 26th, 2016: SOLERA

Definition: not available

Anagrams: realos roseal

Hooks: soleraS

Ana-hooks: aerosOl areolAs areolEs Claroes Coalers esColar Galores Gaolers laBrose lasSoer loaDers loaFers loaNers Morales oarlesS oesTral oraCles orDeals orleaNs Paroles reCoals reloaDs reloaNs rePosal roselLa roseOla saFrole seroSal sHoaler solaCer

'Typos': sclera solers

Blana-grams: aDores aHorse alDers alDose alerTs alGors alTers alUres aMoles aNoles areolA areolE arGles arGols arIels arIose arKose aroUse arseNo arTels asHler asHore asloPe aZoles Balers Blares Blears Blores Borals Boreal Carles Carols Ceorls Claros Clears Closer Coaler Coarse Corals Cresol Dorsal Dorsel Droles eNrols esCrol esTral Falser Farles Flares Flaser Florae Floras Forels Galore Gaoler Glares Gorals Halers Haloes Halser Haoles Hoarse laBors laCers laDers laGers laKers laNose laPser lareEs larGes larGos laserS lasHer lasTer laVers laYers laZoes learEs learNs leasEr leasoW leEars lePras lesSor loaDer loaFer loaNer loaVes loNers loOser loPers loraNs loraTe loreaL loreLs lorIes loserS loUres loVers loWers loWser Marles Molars Morale Morals Morels Morsal Morsel Nerols Norsel oaKers oaTers oGlers oIlers oPeras oraCle oraTes orDeal oreaDs orIels orVals osTeal osTler oWlers Pareos Parles Parole Parols Pearls Polars Polers Proles raIles raMose raNsel rasSle raTels raVels raYles realEs realMs reasoN reCals reCoal reGals relaYs reloaD reloaN reoIls resaIl resalE resEal resoaK resolD resolE roaTes roBles rolaGs roMals rosaCe rosUla roUles roWels roYals saFrol saIler saIlor salTer salVer salVor saMlor sarDel saroDe saUrel sCaler sealEr seNora seraIl serIal seroSa serVal slaKer slaTer slaVer slaYer sleaZo sloPer sloWer soaKer soaPer soareD soareR soareS solaCe solarS solaTe solDer solLar solLer solVer soraGe sorelL sorelS sorelY sorRel sPlore sPoral sTaler sTelar sTerol Talers Tarsel Torsel Valors Velars Versal Walers Warsle

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aero aeros al ale ales aloe aloes als also ar are ares arle arles arose ars arse as ea ear earl earls ears eas el els eorl eorls er era eras eros ers es la laer laers lar lare lares lars las lase laser lea lear lears leas les lo lor lore lores los lose loser oar oars oe oes ole olea oles or ora oral orals ore ores orle orles ors os osar ose rale rales ras rase re real realo reals res roe roes role roles rose sae sal sale sar sea seal sear sel ser sera seral slae sloe so soar soare sol sola solar sole soler sora soral sore sorel

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