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September 25th, 2016: SORTES

Definition: not available

Anagrams: estros rosets sorest stores torses tosser tsores

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Besorts Corsets Costers esCorts estroUs Forests Fosters Grosets Horstes Motsers Nestors oestrUs ossetEr ostLers oUsters oYsters Portess Posters Prestos rePosts resoRts resPots rosIest rosteRs sCoters seCtors sorBets sorItes sorteRs sortIes soUrest soUters soWters sterEos steroLs stoKers stoNers stoPers storeRs storeYs storGes storIes stoUres stoVers stoWers stoWres stroBes stroKes teNsors torseLs tosHers tosserS tossIer toUsers toWsers trIoses troUses tUssore Votress Worsets Zosters

'Typos': fortes sootes sorees sorted sorter syrtes tortes

Blana-grams: Assert Assort Asters Besort Besots Betoss Bosser Broses Cestos Corses Corset Cosets Cosset Coster Costes Crests Crosse Dorses Dosers Dosser Doters erGots erosEs esCort esCots estErs estoCs estoPs estrUs Fetors Forest Foster Frosts Gorses Groset Horses Horste Horsts Josser Lessor Losers Metros Morses Mosser Motser Nestor Nosers Noters oAters oGress oNsets oPters orAtes osIers ostLer otHers otTers oUster oUters oXters oYster Pestos Posers Posser Posset Poster Presto Prests Proses Ptoses reAsts reCtos reEsts reIsts rePost rePots resEts resHot resIst resIts resoDs resoRt resoWs resPot retRos roAsts roAtes roIsts roNtes roOses roOsts rosetY rosIes rosIts rosseR rosteD rosteR rotTes roUses roUsts roUtes roYsts roZets rUsset sCores sCorse sCoter seCtor seIsor seNors seNsor serEst seroNs serosA seroUs seroWs serVos sestoN setoNs setosE setoUs seXtos sHoers sHores sHorts sHotes sIster sMores sNores sNorts soAres soBers soFter soGers soLers sorBet soreLs sortIe soUrse soUter soWers soWter sPerst sPores sPorts stAres steArs steErs steNos sterEo sterEs sterNs steroL stIres stoePs stoKer stoKes stoLes stoNer stoNes stoOrs stoPer stoPes storeD storeR storeY storGe storKs storMs stoUre stoUrs stoVer stoVes stoWer stoWre strAes strePs stresS streWs stroBe stroDe stroKe stroPs stroVe stroWs stroYs stYres sUrest sUtors tAsers teNors teNsor tHroes tIroes toIses toKers toNers toPers torIes torOse torseL torsKs torsOs tosHer tosHes tosseD tosseN tosseS toTers toUser toUses toWers toWser toWses toYers tressY tresTs trIose troDes troKes troNes troPes troUse troVes tsorIs tUsser tUssor tWoers tYroes Uroses Versos Versts Voters Worses Worset Worsts Wrests Zoster

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: er eros ers erst es ess est estro ests et oe oes or ore ores ors ort orts os ose oses re res rest rests ret rets roe roes rose roses roset rost rosts rot rote rotes rots ser sers set sets so sore sores sort sorts sos sot sots st store te tes to toe toes tor tore tores tors torse tose toses toss tres tress

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