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August 29th, 2016: SITREP

Definition: not available

Anagrams: esprit pierst priest ripest sprite stripe tripes

Hooks: sitrepS

Ana-hooks: espritS eXtirps Hipster iMprest Nipters pArties pAstier periOst peritUs perMits persiSt pestiEr piAster piAstre pirAtes pitIers pitTers pOriest prAties presiFt priestS priVets prOstie pteriNs pUirest pYrites repOsit respitE respLit ripOste rOpiest spirteD spirtLe spitTer sprieSt spriteS stirpeS stripeD stripeR stripeS stripeY tipPers tipsIer tipsTer trAipse triCeps tripLes tripseS

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Airest Arties Aspire Bespit Bestir Bister Bistre Biters Citers Cripes Direst Driest eprisE erUpts estriN eXtirp Freits Gripes iNerts iNsert iNstep iNters Kiters Lisper Lister Liters Litres Merits Mister Miters Mitres Mprets Nepits Nipter Niters Nitres Opters pAires pAries pArtis pAster pAstie pAters peArst perAis periLs perisH peritI perMit pestEr petArs petErs petrEs petsAi peWits pietAs piKers piLers piPers piPets pirAte pisSer pisteS pitIer pitIes pitTer pLiers pOiser pOsier pOster pOstie pOtsie prAise prAtes prAtie preCis preiFs preNts presEt prestO prestS priCes priDes prieFs prieRs priMes priNts priseD priseR priseS priVet priZes prOsit prOtei pteriA pteriN pUrest pUrist pYrite rApist reCits reDips reDipt reFits reistS reList reMits repAst repiNs repOst repOts resHip resiFt resiSt resitE resitS respOt retiEs riFest ripeNs ripeRs ripOst rispeD ritZes riVets sAtire sCript septiC seripH siFter siMper siNter sipPer sipPet siSter sitTer sMiter sNiper sOpite sOrtie speirS sperSt spiCer spiDer spierS spiKer spiNet spireA spireD spireM spireS spirIt spirtS spiteD spiteS spreNt sprieR spriNt spritS spritZ sprUit steriC stipeD stipeL stipeS stireD stireS stirpS stirRe stiVer stOper strepS striAe striDe striFe striKe stripS stripT stripY striVe sUiter sWeirt sWiper tApers tApirs terAis tHeirs tHrips tiGers tiLers tiMers tipPer tirOes tiTers tiTres tOpers tOries trApes trepiD treVis triBes triCes trieNs trieRs triKes triNes triOse tripeY tripLe tripOs trisTe triTes trOpes tWerps tWiers tWires tWirps tYpier Uprest Uprise Uprist Upstir Upties Urites Verist Vipers Wipers Wriest Writes

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: epris er ers erst es est et ire ires is it its pe per peri peris perst pert perts pes pest pet pets pi pie pier piers piert pies piet piets pir pirs pis pise piste pit pits pre prest pries prise psi pst re rei reis reist rep reps res resit rest ret rets rip ripe ripes rips ript rise risp rit rite rites rits sei seir sept ser set si sip sipe sir sire sit site speir spet spie spier spire spirt spit spite sprit sri st step stie stipe stir stire stirp strep strip te tes ti tie tier tiers ties tip tips tire tires tis tres trie tries trip tripe trips

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