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August 28th, 2016: DRYAS*

Definition: not available

Anagrams: drays yards

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: darCys dErays dryaDs Hydras sUdary sWardy yaIrds yEards

'Typos': drays dryad

Blana-grams: adAys arTsy aryLs ayrEs Bards Bardy Brads Brays Cards Cardy daIry daIsy darBs darCy darEs darGs darIs darKs darKy darNs darTs dasHy daUrs dEars dEary dEray dIary dOrsa draBs draGs draMs draPs draTs draWs drEys drUsy dUars dUras dyaDs dyErs Eards Eyras Fards Frays Fyrds Grads Grays Hards Hardy Hydra Karsy Kyars Lards Lardy Lyard Mardy Nards Pards Pardy Paysd Prads Prays raIds raNds raNdy rasEd rasPy rayAs rayEd rEads rEady rEsay rOads rUdas ryaLs ryNds sadLy saNdy sardS sarEd sarKy sarOd saTyr saUry sayEd sayEr sayId sCary sCray sdayN sHady sHard sNary sOrda sPard sPayd sPrad sPray sTrad sTray sWard syMar syraH Tardy Trads Trays Vardy Wards yaIrd yarNs yarRs yaUds ydraD yEads yEard yEars yErds yIrds

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad adry ads ar ard ards ars ary as ay ays da das day days dray dry drys rad rads ras ray rays rya ryas sad sar sard say ya yar yard

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