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June 11th, 2016: DWALE

Definition: not available

Anagrams: lawed waled weald

Hooks: dwaleS

Ana-hooks: Bawled Blawed Clawed dawDle deClaw dewlaP Flawed Salewd Swaled wadDle wadMel waIled walKed walLed waNdle waUled waWled wealdS wHaled Yawled

'Typos': dwalm dwile swale

Blana-grams: aBled adDle adVew aIled aldeA aldeR alewS alOed alOwe aRled awdlS aweEl awNed aXled Baled Blade Cawed Clade daleS dalLe daweD daweN dealS dealT deawS deawY deCal deDal delaY delTa dewaN dewaR dewaX dOwel dOwle dRawl dwelL dwelT elaNd elIad Glade Haled Hawed Heald Ideal Jawed Kawed Kwela laCed ladeD ladeN ladeR ladeS ladLe laKed laMed laNde laSed laTed laVed laweR laYed laZed leadS leadY lOwed Mawed Medal Naled Owled Padle Paled Pawed Pedal Plead Sawed Slade Sweal Tawed wadeD wadeR wadeS waGed waIde waKed waldS waleR waleS waMed waNed waNle waRed waVed waXed waYed wealS wedEl weldS wHale wHeal wIeld wIled wOald wYled Yawed

Extensions: WOOdwaleS WOOdwale(S)

Sub-anagrams: ad ae al ale alew aw awdl awe awed awl da dae dal dale daw de deal deaw del dew ea ed el eld la lad lade law lea lead led lew lewd wad wade wae wald wale we weal wed weld

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