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January 9th, 2016: FANGIRL

Definition: FANGIRL*FANGIRLS n a female who is an enthusiastic devotee of something

Anagrams: flaring

Hooks: fangirlS

Ana-hooks: finaglEr infrUgal rafFling

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: alignEr angrilY arglinG Barfing Blaring Carling Darling Engrail faBling failIng fairIng falLing farCing farDing farMing farTing faTling fEaring figUral finaglE flaKing flaMing flangEr flaWing flaYing flingEr fOaling fragilE fraMing fraYing fUrling gainfUl glarinG graPlin ingrafT lairIng larDing larigAn larKing larniNg lEafing lOafing Marling nargilE Parling rafTing railIng rEalign rEginal riflIng rOlfing

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ag agin ai ail ain air airn al algin alif align an ani anil ar arf argil aril fa fag fagin fail fain fair fan fang far faring farl fiar fig fil fila filar fin final fir firn flag flair flan fling flir frag frail frig gain gal gan gar garni gi gif gin girl girn glair glia gnar gnarl grail grain gran grin if in infra la lag lain lair lang lar lari larn li liang liar ligan lin ling linga lira na nag naif nail nil rag ragi rai rail rain ran rang rani ria rial rif rig rin ring

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