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December 26th, 2015: ESSE

Definition: ESSE*ESSES n essential nature

Anagrams: eses sees

Hooks: Fesse Jesse esseS

Ana-hooks: Beses eAses eRses esNes Leses Reses seeDs seeKs seeLs seeMs seePs seeRs seIse seMes seNes seNse seRes seXes sKees Yeses

'Typos': ease else eses esne

Blana-grams: Bees Cees Cess Dees eeLs eKes eMes esTs eVes eWes eXes eYes Fees Fess Gees Jees Jess Lees Less Mess Ness Oses Pees Rees seAs seCs seeD seeK seeL seeM seeN seeP seeR seGs seIs seLs seMe seNe sePs seRe seRs sesH seTs seVs seWs sHes sKee sUes Tees Uses Vees Wees Zees

Extensions: Cesse# CesseD CesseS Desse# FesseD FesseS Gesse# JesseD JesseS LesseE LesseN LesseR MesseD MesseS NesseS VesseL YesseD YesseS BLesseD BLesseR BLesseS CHesseS CResseS CResseT CesseR# DResseD DResseR DResseS DesseRT DesseS# FINesse GHesse# GUesseD GUesseR GUesseS GesseD# GesseS# IDLesse KNesseT LOesseS LesseES LesseNS LesseS# OYesseS PResseD PResseR PResseS SesseD# SesseS# TResseD TResseL TResseS TesseRA VITesse VesseLS esseNCE ABBesseS ACCesseD ACCesseS ALTesse# ASSesseD ASSesseS BLesseRS CAResseD CAResseR CAResseS CHesseL# COLesseE CResseTS CesseRS# DResseRS DUResse# DUResseS DesseRTS EGResseD EGResseS EXCesseD EXCesseS FINesseD FINesseS GHesseD# GHesseS# GUesseRS IDLesseS IVResse# KERMesse KNesseTS LARGesse LesseNED NOBLesse OBSesseD OBSesseS OGResseS PResseRS RECesseD RECesseS RULesse# STResseD STResseS TResseLS (and 2863 more)

Sub-anagrams: es ess see

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