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December 20th, 2015: DOSA*

Definition: not available

Anagrams: ados odas soda

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: adIos aIdos aLods aPods Codas daDos daGos daTos doaBs doaTs doNas doPas doRsa Fados Gadso Goads Loads odaLs Roads sadDo saRod sodaS soRda sPado Toads Woads

'Typos': disa dona dopa dose dosh doss dost tosa

Blana-grams: aBos adDs aIds aLod aLso aNds aPod aRds aVos Bads Boas Bods Cads Coda Cods daBs daDo daDs daEs daGo daGs daHs daIs daKs daLs daMs daNs daPs dasH daTo daWs daYs doaB doaT doBs doCs doDs doEs doGs doHs doLs doMs doNs doOs doPs doRs doTs doWs dsoS dUos dZos Fado Fads Gads Goad Goas Gods Hads Hoas Hods Koas Lads Load Lods Mads Moas Mods Naos Nods oaFs oaKs oaRs oasT oaTs oBas oCas odaL odDs odEa odEs odsO oKas oLds oRad oRds osaR osSa oUds Pads Poas Pods Rads Road Rods sadE sadI saGo saId saNd saRd sCad sHad sHod sIda sNod soaK soaP soaR soCa sodS soFa soJa soLa soLd soMa soRa soRd soYa sToa sWad Tads Taos Toad Tods Udos Wads Woad Yods

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ado ads as da das do dos dso od oda ods os sad so sod

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