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July 20th, 2015: CONTE

Definition: CONTE*CONTES n a short story

Anagrams: cento oncet

Hooks: conteS

Ana-hooks: cenotE centoS coGent coRnet Docent noceNt noetIc notIce octAne tecHno

'Typos': comte conge conto monte

Blana-grams: Atone Bento Beton Bonce cAnoe cAnto centS centU cLone coDen coMet coneD coneS coneY coPen coSet cotAn coteD coteS coUnt coVen coVet coZen cRone cYton enAct eScot Jeton Lento Mento netoP noNce noNet notcH noteD noteR noteS oAten oceAn octAn octeT oFten onSet ontIc oUnce Ponce Recon Recto Scent Scone Seton Steno Stone teLco tencH tenNo tenoN tenoR toKen toneD toneR toneS toneY tonIc tonNe tRone

Extensions: conteMN conteND conteNT conteST conteXT conteCK# conteMNS conteMPO conteMPT conteNDS conteNTS conteSSA conteSTS conteXTS RAconteUR conteCKS# conteMNED conteMNER conteMNOR conteMPTS conteNDED conteNDER conteNTED conteSSAS conteSTED conteSTER DISconteNT MALconteNT RAconteURS conteMNERS conteMNING conteMNORS conteMPER# conteNDERS conteNDING conteNTING conteNTION conteNTLY# conteSTANT conteSTERS conteSTING conteXTUAL conteXTURE DISconteNTS MALconteNTS MISconteNT# RAconteUSE# TRIAconteR# UNconteSTED conteMPERS# conteMPLATE conteNDENT# conteNTEDLY conteNTIONS conteNTIOUS conteNTMENT conteSTABLE conteSTANTS conteXTLESS conteXTURES DISconteNTED MALconteNTED MISconteNTS# PENTEconteR# RAconteUSES# TRIAconteRS# UNconteMNED# conteMNIBLE# conteMNIBLY# conteMPERED# conteMPLANT# conteMPLATED conteMPLATES conteMPLATOR conteMPORARY conteMPORIZE conteMPTIBLE conteMPTIBLY conteMPTUOUS conteNDENTS# conteNDINGS# conteNEMENT# conteNTLESS# conteNTMENTS conteRMINAL# conteRMINOUS conteSTABLY# conteSTATION conteXTUALLY conteXTURAL# DISconteNTING INconteSTABLE INconteSTABLY MISconteNTED# PENTEconteRS# RAconteURING# UNconteNTIOUS conteMPERING# conteMPLABLE# conteMPLANTS# (and 56 more)

Sub-anagrams: cent con cone cot cote eco en eon et ne net no not note oe on once one te tec ten to toe ton tone

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