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March 23rd, 2015: SINECURE

Definition: SINECURE*SINECURES n an office or position requiring little or no work

Anagrams: insecure

Hooks: sinecureS

Ana-hooks: ceinTures cenTuries ceruLeins cinereOus Dunceries enureTics esuriencE esuriencY Licensure reinDuces unPrecise urGencies

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Brucines cAuserie ceinTure censureD censureR censureS cenTries ceresinE ceresinS ceruLein ceruMens cerusiTe cinereAs ciseLeur ciseLure cOenures cOinsure creesinG cruBeens curniesT cuTesier Decuries enQuires enricHes enTerics enTicers enuresiS enureTic ePicures esurienT eucAines eucriTes euGenics Generics inceNser incIsure increAse incurVes inDucers inHerces inQueres Leucines Licenser Lucernes neuriNes neuriTes nOurices nuMerics Penuries Quercine recLines recuiLes recusinG reincuRs reinDuce reinFuse reinsuRe rescuinG resiAnce resuPine reTinues reuniTes rOuncies scienTer sciurIne scrieneS scunGier secreTin securinG seiGneur sicKener siLencer sincereR sQuireen sucKener uneAsier uniVerse unsecreT unsicKer ureDines urGences

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cee cees cens cense censer censure cere ceres ceresin cereus cerise cerne cernes ceruse cesure cine cines cire cires cis cree crees cries crine crines cris crise cru crue crues cruise crus cruse crusie cue cues cur cure cures curie curies curn curns curs curse cursi ecru ecrus ecu ecurie ecuries ecus ee een eine en ene enes ens ensue ensure enure enures er ere eres eric erics ern erne ernes erns ers es esne ice icer icers ices in incur incurs incus incuse ins insure inure inures ire ires is iure ne nee nereis nice nicer nie niece nieces nies nis nu nur nurs nurse nus re rec recs recuse ree reen reens rees rei rein reins reis ren renies rens res rescue resin reuse rice rices rin rine rines rins rinse rise risen ruc rucs rue rues ruin ruins run rune runes runic runs ruse rusine scene scerne scree screen scriene scrine scur sec secern secure see seen seer sei seine seiner seir sen sene ser sere serein seric serin serine si sic sice sien sieur sin since sincere sine sir sire siree siren snee sneer sri sucre sue suer sui sun sur sure un unce unces unci (and 16 more)

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