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March 18th, 2015: SNAW

Definition: SNAW*SNAWS*SNAWED*SNAWING v to snow

Anagrams: awns sawn swan wans

Hooks: snawS

Ana-hooks: Bawns Dawns Fawns Gnaws Lawns Pawns Rawns sEwan sHawn sPawn swaIn swanG swanK swanS waIns wanDs wanEs wanGs wanKs wanTs waRns wEans Yawns

'Typos': gnaw scaw shaw skaw slaw snab snag snap snar snow spaw staw

Blana-grams: aIns anAs anDs anEs anEw anIs anNs anOw ansA anTs anUs awEs awLs awnY Bans Bawn Cans Caws Dans Dawn Daws Eans Fans Fawn Faws Haws Hwan Jaws Kans Kaws Lawn Laws Mans Mawn Maws Mnas naBs naGs naMs naNs naOs naPs naTs naYs nEws nOws nYas Owns Pans Pawn Paws Rawn Raws saIn sanD sanE sanG sanK sanS sanT sawS sCan sEan sEna sEwn sHan sHwa sOwn sPan swaB swaD swaG swaM swaP swaT swaY Tans Taws Twas Vans Vaws waBs waDs waEs waGs waIn wanD wanE wanG wanK wanT wanY waPs waRn waRs wasE wasH wasM wasP wasT waTs waWs waYs wEan wEns wIns wOns wYns Yawn Yaws

Extensions: snawED snawING

Sub-anagrams: an as aw awn na nas naw san saw wan was

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