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March 13th, 2015: SHENT

Definition: SHEND*SHENT*SHENDING*SHENDS v to disgrace

Anagrams: hents thens

Hooks: Yshent

Ana-hooks: ethnOs hAsten hOnest sIthen snAthe sneAth stenCh tenThs thAnes theGns theIns

'Typos': ahent scent sheet shend shunt sient spent stent

Blana-grams: Antes Ashen Ashet Bents Beths Cents Chest Dents etEns ethOs etnAs Fents Gents Ghest hAets hAnse hAnts hAste hAtes heAst heAts heFts heIst henDs heRns hestS hetEs hetHs hInts hOnes hOsen hOten hUnts hYens Inset Kents Khets Mensh Meths nAtes neAth neAts neIst neRts nestS netEs netTs neWts neXts nItes nOtes Onset Pents Rents sentE sentI sentS setOn sheEn shetS sheWn shIne shIte shOne shOte shUte sIeth sIthe snAth stAne steAn steEn steIn stenD stenO stenS steRn stOne sYnth sYthe tAnhs teChs teEns tehRs tenCh tenDs tenEs tensE tenTh tenTs teRns teThs thAne thAns theEs theGn theIn thesE theWs thIne thIns thOse tInes tOnes tUnes tYnes Uneth Unset Vents Wents Whens Whets

Extensions: UNshent

Sub-anagrams: eh ehs en ens es est et eth eths he hen hens hent hes hest het hets ne nesh nest net nets nth sen sent set sh she shet st sten te ten tens tes the then

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