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February 16th, 2015: UREDO

Definition: UREDO*UREDOS n a skin irritation

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: uredoS

Ana-hooks: Coured deTour deVour douCer doureR douSer douTer droGue eNduro Gourde Louder Loured oBdure orduRe ouLder ouTred Pouder Poudre Poured redouT reMoud roGued rouGed rouPed rouSed rouTed Soured Toured uNdoer

'Typos': credo

Blana-grams: Adore Borde Bored Bourd Coder Cored Coude Courd Coure Crude Cured deCor deMur doerS doPer doreE dorSe doSer doTer douAr douCe dourA douSe doVer doWer doZer droLe droMe droNe drouK droVe druPe druSe duPer dureD dureS duroC duroS duroY erodE eruGo euroS Fouer Fuero Gored Gourd Grued Horde Loure Lured Moder Mured Nuder oAred odDer odeuM odOur oLder orBed ordeR oreAd orGue ouPed ourIe ouTed ouTer ouTre Pedro Perdu Pored Proud Prude Pudor Pured redoN redoS redoX reduB reduX reSod roBed rodeD rodeO rodeS roGue roKed roNde roPed roQue roSed roTed roueN roueS rouGe rouLe rouNd rouSe rouTe roVed roWed rudeR rudeS rudIe ruLed ruNed Sored Sudor Sured Trode Trued udDer uNder uNred urdeE urGed urNed

Extensions: uredoSORI uredoSORUS uredoSPORE uredoSPORES

Sub-anagrams: de do doe doer dor dore dour due duo dure duro ed er euro od ode oe or ord ore ou oud our re red redo rod rode roe roed roue rud rude rue rued udo ur urd urde ure

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