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December 19th, 2014: LYSED

Definition: LYSE*LYSED*LYSING*LYSES v to cause to undergo lysis

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: delAys dyNels Gyelds Odyles slAyed sTyled yIelds yOdels yOdles

'Typos': lased losed lyses lyted

Blana-grams: Bleys dAles deAls deIls delAy delEs delFs delIs delLs delLy delTs dOles dReys dUels dUles dUlse dyeRs dyKes dyNel dyNes eIlds eMyds Fleys Fyles Gelds Gleds Gleys Gyeld Hyles Idles Idyls Isled Kyles lAdes lAyed leAds leAdy ledGy leNds leUds lOdes lUdes lyAse lyMes lyNes lyRes lyTes Melds Odyle Odyls Redly sAdly sAyed sedGy seEdy seEld seEly sIdle sIeld sIled sKyed slAde sledS sleyS slIde slOyd slUed slyeR slyPe sOlde sOled sOyle sPeld sTyed sTyle syNed syPed Velds Welds Wyled Wyles yAles yCled yeAds yedEs yeEds yelKs yelLs yelMs yelPs yelTs yeRds yIeld yleMs ylKes yOdel yOdle yUles

Extensions: ANAlysed DIAlysed ATMOlysed AUTOlysed CATAlysed PARAlysed PYROlysed HYDROlysed PHOTOlysed UNANAlysed PLASMOlysed PROTEOlysed BREATHAlysed ELECTROlysed AUTOCATAlysed PSYCHOANAlysed

Sub-anagrams: de del dels dey deys dye dyes ed el eld elds els es led les ley leys lye lyes lyse sed sel seld sey sled sley sly sye syed ye yeld yes

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