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November 9th, 2014: ODIST

Definition: ODIST*ODISTS n one who writes odes

Anagrams: doits

Hooks: Codist Modist odistS

Ana-hooks: dHotis diCots diotAs ditTos diVots dotisH dRoits idIots oOtids stoLid stUdio todiEs

'Typos': odism ovist

Blana-grams: Adios Adits Aidos Bitos Coits dAtos dEist dHoti diCot diCts diDos diDst diEts diNos diNts dioLs diotA diPso diRts disCo ditAs ditEs ditsY ditTo ditTs diVot doAts doEst doiLt doLts doRts dotEs doUts doWts dRoit dUits Edits Eidos Fidos Foids Foist Hoist idIot idoLs iotAs Joist Lidos Loids Midst Misdo Moist Moits oBits oiNts oMits oOtid ostiA oXids Posit Riots Roist Rosit Rotis sitEd sLoid sodiC soLdi soLid stAid stiEd stoAi stoiC stoiT stoNd stoOd tidEs tiNds tiRos toAds toiLs toisE toiTs toNdi toPis toRsi tosEd tRios tRods tRois tsAdi Visto Voids Zoist

Extensions: CodistS ModistE ModistS EXodistS ModistES MELodistS MONodistS PARodistS SARodistS EXodist(S) HYMNodistS METHodistS ModistE(S) PARodistIC PROSodistS MELodist(S) METHodistIC MONodist(S) PARodist(S) PSALModistS RHAPSodistS SARodist(S) SPASModistS THRENodistS CHIROPodistS HYMNodist(S) METHodist(S) PROSodist(S) PSALModist(S) RHAPSodist(S) SPASModist(S) THRENodist(S) CHIROPodist(S)

Sub-anagrams: di dis dit dits do doit dos dost dot dots dso id ids io ios is iso it its od ods oi os si sit so sod sot st ti tid tids tis to tod tods

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