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September 3rd, 2014: SCRIEVE

Definition: SCRIEVE*SCRIEVED*SCRIEVING*SCRIEVES v to move along swiftly and smoothly

Anagrams: service

Hooks: scrieveD scrieveS

Ana-hooks: cerviCes cerviXes cresCive creviCes Descrive receivEs revOices serviceD serviceR serviceS versicLe verTices

'Typos': screeve scriene shrieve

Blana-grams: cArvies cAviers ceiLers ceresiN ceriseS ceriTes cerviDs cerviNe cHevies cHevres cierGes cLivers cOrsive cOrvees creviCe criveNs crUives cUrsive Decries Deicers Derives Devices Deviser Diverse ecUries eNviers erOsive escriBe eviNces Grieces Grieves iNverse ivresSe Leviers Mercies Piecers Pierces Precise Previse Prieves recCies receivE reciPes reciTes reGives reiveRs reLives resTive reveRsi revieWs reviLes reviseD reviseR reviseS reviVes revOice rieveRs scriveD scriveS serviLe sevicHe sieverT siNcere sTiever Tierces vArices veeriEs veiLers veiNers veNires veriesT veriTes versiNe vesicAe vesicLe vieWers viscerA vOicers

Extensions: scrieveBOARD scrieveBOARDS

Sub-anagrams: cee cees cere ceres cerise cire cires cis cive cives cree crees cries cris crise ee er ere eres eric erics ers es eve ever eves ice icer icers ices ire ires is re rec recs ree rees rei reis reive reives res rev revie revies revise revs rice rices rieve rieves rise rive rives scree scrive sec see seer sei seir ser sere seric serve sever si sic sice sieve sir sire siree siver sri vee veer veers vees vers verse vice vices vie vier viers vies vire vires vis vise

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