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August 28th, 2014: TOPOS

Definition: TOPOS*TOPOI n a stock rhetorical theme

Anagrams: poots spoot stoop

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Astoop Coopts pHotos pooRts potoOs potTos spootS stoopE stoopS tRoops

'Typos': tocos tohos tokos topes tophs topis topoi toros toyos typos

Blana-grams: Boost Boots Coops Coopt Coost Coots Estop Foots Goops Hoops Hoots Kotos Loops Loots Lotos Moops Moots Noops ooNts opPos otTos pEsto pHoto pHots pLots poEts poGos poLos poLts poNts pooDs pooFs pooHs pooKs pooLs pooNs pooPs pooRt poRts posIt postS potEs potoO potsY potTo potTs poUts pRoso pRost pYots Roops Roost Roots Rotos sCoop sCoot sHoot sLoop sLoot sMoot sNoop sNoot soopS sootE sootH sootS sootY sopoR sotoL spooF spooK spooL spooM spooN spooR spoRt spotS spoUt stoEp stoMp stooD stooK stooL stooR stopE stopS stopT stoUp stoWp stRop sWoop sWopt tooLs tooMs tooNs tooTs toRso tRoop Woops Yoops

Extensions: MEtoposCOPY MEtoposCOPIC MEtoposCOPICAL

Sub-anagrams: oo oop oops oos oot oots op ops opt opts os po poo poos poot pos post pot pots pst so soop soot sop sot spot st stop to too top tops

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