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June 29th, 2014: SEGNI

Definition: 1. SEGNI noun_plural (see SEGNO 1) 2. SEGNO*SEGNI*SEGNOS n a musical sign

Anagrams: sengi singe

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Begins Beings Binges Deigns Design Dinges eAsing ensigN Feigns geniEs geniPs geniUs giVens gneisS gYnies Hinges ingesT ingLes neigHs Reigns Renigs Resign seEing seRing seWing seXing signeD signeE signeR signeT singeD singeR singeS singLe sOigne sTinge sWinge Tinges

'Typos': segno sengi

Blana-grams: Aegis Anise Begin Being Bines Binge Cines Deign Dines Dinge Dings eKing eOsin eXing eYing Feign Fines gAins geAns genEs geniC geniE geniI geniP genTs genUs giBes ginKs giRns giTes giVen giVes gLens gRins gUise gWine gYnie Hinge ingLe inseT Kines Kings Lenis Liens Lines Lings Miens Mines negUs neiFs neigH neisT niDes nigHs niNes niseI niTes niXes nOise Peins Penis Pines Pings Reign Reins Renig Resin Rings Rinse Risen seinE senTi seRin sHine siegE signA signS sinCe sineS sineW singS siRen sKein sLing sniDe sniPe sPine sTein sTing sUing sWine sWing Teins Tines Tinge Tings Using Veins Vines Wines Wings Zeins Zines Zings

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: egis en eng engs ens es gen gens gi gie gien gies gin gins gis in ins is ne neg negs seg sei sen si sig sign sin sine sing

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