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June 26th, 2014: SUFFLATE


Anagrams: feastful

Hooks: sufflateD sufflateS

Ana-hooks: afflueNts

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: afflAtus afflueNt affluXes Bluffest Defaults fIstulae flatuseS Hasteful Refutals staGeful sulfateD sulfateS tasTeful tRuffles Wasteful

Extensions: EXsufflateD EXsufflateS INsufflateD INsufflateS EXsufflate(S) INsufflate(S)

Sub-anagrams: ae aff aft al ale alef alefs aleft ales als alt alts as at ate ates auf aufs ea eas east eat eats eau eaus ef eff effs efs eft efts el elf elfs els elt elts es est et eta etas fa false fas fast fat fate fateful fates fats fault faults feal feals feast feat feats felt felts fest festa festal fet feta fetal fetas fets fetus feu feus flat flats flatus flea fleas flu fluate fluates flue flues flus flute flutes fuel fuels fuse fusel fust la las lase last lat late lats lauf laufs lea leaf leafs leas least leat leats left lefts les lest let lets leu lues luff luffa luffas luffs lust lute lutea lutes sae safe sal sale salet salt salue salute sat sate sau saul sault saut saute sea seal seat sel self set seta setal slae slat slate slue sluff slut st staff stale steal stela stuff sue suet sulfa sulfate ta tae tael taels taes tale tales talus tas tau taus te tea teal teals teas tef teff teffs tefs tel tela tels tes tesla tufa tufas tuff tuffe tuffes tuffs tule tules ule ules us use ut uta utas (and 3 more)

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