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June 13th, 2014: HAWSER

Definition: HAWSER*HAWSERS n a mooring rope

Anagrams: rewash washer

Hooks: hawserS

Ana-hooks: Chawers hawKers Prewash swaSher swaTher Thawers washerS washIer wearIsh whaLers wharVes wherEas wreaThs

'Typos': hawker hawses

Blana-grams: aFresh ahOrse aNswer arChes ashIer ashLer ashOre Basher Cashew Chares Chaser Chawer Dasher Dewars earThs esChar Gasher Gerahs haerEs haLers hareMs haTers haVers haYers haZers hearsE hearTs hewErs hOarse Kasher Lasher Masher Pawers Phaser Phrase raPhes rasheR rasheS rawesT rawIsh rehaBs rehasH resawN resawS reshOw sawerS sawYer searCh seraPh sewarS shaDer shaKer shaPer shareD shareR shareS shaVer shaweD shearS sherPa shewEr shMear shOwer shrewD shrewS swaGer swarTh swaThe swaYer swearS Tawers Thawer Thraws waDers waFers waGers waKers waLers warsLe washeD washeS wasTer waTers waVers waXers whaLer whaLes wharFs wharVe wheaLs wheaTs wheNas wherEs whOres wIsher wrasSe wraThs wreaKs wreaTh

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ah ahs ar are ares ars arse as ash aw awe awes ear ears eh er era eras ers es ha hae haes hare hares has haw haws hawse he hear hears her hers hes hew hews rah ras rase rash raw raws re res resaw resh rhea rheas sae saw sawer sea sear ser sera sew sewar sh sha share shaw she shea shear shew shrew shwa sware swear wae waes war ware wares wars was wash we wear wears wha

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