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May 12th, 2014: REDEAR

Definition: REDEAR*REDEARS n a common sunfish

Anagrams: dearer dreare reader reared reread

Hooks: redearS

Ana-hooks: adHerer arreedE aVerred dreaDer dreaMer dreareR dreareS readerS readIer rearMed redreaM redSear redWare reGrade reHeard rereadS reTread Treader

'Typos': redeal regear rehear retear

Blana-grams: adHere adOrer aerIed aerIer aGreed aredeS arIder arrIde Barred Beared Bearer Breare Carder Career darerS darKer darNer darreD darreS darTer darTre deaDer deaFer deaLer deaNer deareD deareS dearIe deCare deKare deraTe draGee draPer draWee draWer drearS drearY drereS eardeD earNed earNer eNdear eraSed eraSer erraNd eVader eXedra Farred Feared Fearer Garred Geared Grader Harder Header Hearer Herder Jarred Laered Larder Leader Leared Marred Neared Nearer Pardee Parred radDer radGer raIder raZeed reaKed reaLer reaMed reaMer reaPed reaPer reareR reaVed reaVer reBred redaTe redDer redIae redraW redreW reearN reedEr reGard reMade reMead reNder reSeda reTard reWard rOared Seared Searer Serrae Serred Tarred Teared Tearer Terrae Trader Warder Warred Weared Wearer

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ae ar ard are ared arede arere da dae dare darer darre de dear deare dee deer dere drear dree drere ea ear eard eared ed ee er era ere ered err erred rad rade rare rared re read rear red rede ree reed

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