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April 16th, 2014: SPLORE

Definition: SPLORE*SPLORES n a carousal

Anagrams: lopers polers proles sloper

Hooks: sploreS

Ana-hooks: elopErs leprosE leprosY leproUs loOpers lopPers pAroles pelorUs perloUs peTrols plesSor pleXors ploVers ploWers polDers polLers presolD proleGs proleRs proPels reploTs repolLs reposAl sloperS slopIer spoIler spoOler sporUle

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Aslope Blores Ceorls Closer Copers Corpse Cresol Dopers Dorsel Droles elLops elopEr elopEs eNrols epHors eproMs esCrol Forels Golpes Gospel Gropes Hopers lApser lepErs leprAs lesSor lIsper loNers loOper loOser lopPer loreLs lorIes loserS loUpes loUres loVers loWers loWser Mopers Morels Morsel Nerols Norsel oGlers oIlers operAs opTers orIels orlOps ospreY osTler oWlers pAreos pArles pArole pArols peArls peDros pelorY pePlos perIls persoN peTrol pIlers pIlose pleoNs pleXor plIers ploVer ploWer plYers poIser poKers polArs polDer poleIs poleYs polLer poreRs porGes porOse poserS poseUr posHer posIer posSer posTer poUles poWers poWres presTo proBes proeMs proKes proleD proleG proleR prolLs proNes proPel proRes proseD proseR proseS proUls proVes proWls pUlers pUlser reAlos reBops reoIls repEls reploT repolL reposE reposT repoTs repRos resolD resolE respoT roBles ropeRs roseAl roUles roWels slopeD slopeS sloWer soAper solDer solerA solerS solLer solVer sorelL sorelS sorelY sorRel soUper soUple sporAl sporeD sporeS sTerol sToper Topers Torsel Tropes Uprose

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: el elops els eorl eorls epos er eros ers es lep leps lerp lerps les lo lop lope loper lopes lops lor lore lores los lose loser oe oes ole oles olpe olpes op ope opes ops or ore ores orle orles ors os ose pe per pes peso po pol pole poler poles pols pore pores pos pose poser pre pro prole pros prose re rep repo repos reps res roe roes role roles rope ropes rose sel ser sloe slop slope so sol sole soler sop sore sorel spore

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