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December 19th, 2013: SINOPIE

Definition: SINOPIA*SINOPIAS*SINOPIE n a red pigment

Anagrams: pionies

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: epinosiC Ripienos sinopiTe

'Typos': sinopia sinopis

Blana-grams: Dispone eLision eosiniC epiGoni epiGons epinAoi epinAos epsiLon iConise iMpones inosiTe inspiRe ioDines ioniseD ioniseR ioniseS ioniZes iRonies iRonise isoLine isoSpin Lionise noisieR oRpines peisinG pensioN peoniEs peonisM pePinos pHonies piGeons piGsnie pinGoes piniesT pinioNs piniTes pinKies pinKoes pinNies pinoLes pinoNes pinToes pioneRs pioneYs piRnies pisCine poinTes poisinG ponTies poWnies pRoines psioniC Ripieno senopiA snipieR spinieR spinoDe spinoSe spLenii Tiepins Winesop

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: en ens eon eons eosin epos es in ins io ion ionise ions ios is iso ne nep neps nie nies nip nips nis nisei nisi no noes noise nope nos nose oe oes oi on one ones ons op ope open opens opes opine opines ops opsin os ose pe pein peins pen peni penis pens peon peons pes peso pi pie pies pin pine pines pinies pins pion pions pis pise piso po poi pois poise pone pones ponies pons pos pose psi psion sei sen si sien sin sine sip sipe snip snipe so son sone sop spie spin spine

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