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December 1st, 2013: EXSERT


Anagrams: exerts

Hooks: exsertS

Ana-hooks: Dexters exPerts exterNs retAxes sexPert xerOtes

'Typos': expert exsect

Blana-grams: Aretes Berets Certes Desert Deters Dexter eAster eAters eGrets eNters ereCts esterS etHers eVerts exeAts exterN extrAs Ferest Fester Freest Freets Greets Hexers Jester Merest Meters Metres Nester Oxters Pester Peters Petres Preset Prexes reAtes reestS reestY reGest reLets reNest reNtes reseAt reseCt reseNt resetS resIte resteD resteM resteR reteMs retesT retIes retUse reVest reVets reWets rHexes sAeter seAter seCret sereSt setTer sexerS sexIer sexteT steAre steerS steerY stereO stereS sterVe steWer steYer streeK streeL streeT streNe sWeert tAxers teAser teNser terCes tereKs terFes terNes terseR tesTer tHeres tHrees treeNs treZes tWeers Verset Verste Vertex Vexers Wester xYster Yester Zester

Extensions: exsertED exsertILE exsertING exsertION exsertIONS

Sub-anagrams: ee er ere eres ers erst es est ester et ex exert exes re ree rees reest res reset rest ret rete retes rets rex rexes see seer ser sere set sex sexer sext st steer stere te tee teer teers tees teres terse tes tree trees tres

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