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November 30th, 2013: CITATORY

Definition: CITATORY adj

Anagrams: atrocity

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Dictatory

'Typos': citators

Blana-grams: caryotiN cryoStat Dictator Poticary Protatic ricottaS tractioN triPtyca Voracity

Extensions: EXcitatory

Sub-anagrams: act actor ai air airt airy ait aortic ar arc arco ariot art artic arty ary at atoc att attic ay car cart cat catty cay ciao cit citator cito city coat coati coir coit cor coria cory cot cott cotta cottar coy crit cry icy io iota it ita oar oary oat oca octa oi or ora oracy orc orca ort otary otic ottar oy racy rai rait rat ratio rato ratty ray ria ricotta ricy riot rit ritt roc rot rota roti rya ryot ta tacit taco tact tai tait tao tar taro taroc tarot tart tarty tat tay ti tiar tic tiro tit to toc toit tor tora torc tori toric tort tory tot toy tract trait trat tray triac triact tricot trio troat trot troy try tyro ya yar yarto yo yttria yttric

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