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July 31st, 2013: ELYTRA

Definition: 1. ELYTRON*ELYTRA n a hardened forewing of certain insects 2. ELYTRUM*ELYTRA n elytron

Anagrams: lyrate raylet realty telary

Hooks: elytraL

Ana-hooks: alertLy eartHly Greatly Hartely Heartly Irately latHery lyrateD Peartly Peytral Prelaty Pteryla rayletS realIty rOyalet tearIly traWley treaCly

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aCetyl aerIly alBert alertS alMery alterN alterS aNerly aNtler arGyle arMlet artelS arteRy artIly aStely Baetyl Barely Barley Baryte Batler Betray Blater Bleary Cartel Claret Clarty Dartle Dearly eartHy eatEry eatHly elatEr eStral eStray eyalEt Falter Fealty Featly Flayer Grayle Gyrate Halter Hearty Hyetal laBret laSter lateLy latHer latTer laWyer layerS leaLty learNt lOrate lySate lytTae Martel Myrtle Nearly Neatly Palter Paltry Parley Partly Pearly Peltry Pertly Petary Plater Player ralLye raPtly raRely ratelS ratTle ratTly rayleD rayleS realLy reaRly reaSty reCtal relatE relayS reNtal rePlay retaIl retIal retRal Salter Slater Slatey Slayer Staler Stayer Stayre Stelar Stylar Styler taIler taIlye talerS talKer talLer taMely tarCel tarSel tarTly taTler taWery telLar terGal terMly terNal teTryl tHaler tIlery traMel traVel trayNe treaTy treBly trOely tylerS Varlet Watery yarelY yareSt yatTer yearlY

Extensions: HEMelytra DIelytra(S)

Sub-anagrams: ae aery al ale alert alt alter ar are aret arle art artel arty ary aryl at ate ay aye ayre ea ear earl early eat el elt er era et eta eyra la laer lar lare lat late later lay layer lea lear leary leat let ley lyart lye lyre lyte rale rat rate ratel ray rayle re real relay rely ret rya ryal rye ta tae tael tale taler tar tare tay te tea teal tear teary tel tela tray trey try trye tye tyer tyler tyre ya yale yar yare yate ye yea year yelt yet

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