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July 6th, 2013: ISOTROPY

Definition: ISOTROPY*ISOTROPIES n the state of being identical in all directions

Anagrams: porosity

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: opErosity

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: iMpostor isoSpory Morosity portiCos portioNs portoisE positroN postrioT prootiCs pyritoUs roopiEst soNority soroRity sorptioN sportiLy torosiTy

Extensions: ANisotropy

Sub-anagrams: io ios is iso isotopy it its oi oo oop oops oor oos oosy oot oots op ops opt opts or ors ort orts os oy oys pi pioy pioys pir pirs pis piso pit pits pity po poi pois poo poor poori pooris poort poorts poos poot poots port ports porty pory pos posit post posy pot pots potsy pro proo pros prosit proso prost prosy pry prys psi pst pyot pyots pyro pyros riot riots rip ripost rips ript risp rit rits roist roo roop roopit roops roopy roos roost root roots rootsy rooty ropy rosit rost rosy rot roti rotis roto rotos rots royst ryot ryots si sip sir sit so soop soot sooty sop sopor sori sort sot soy spirt spiry spit spoor spoot sport sporty spot sprit spry spy sri st stir stirp stoop stoor stop story strip stripy strop stroy sty ti tip tips tipsy tiro tiros tis to too top topi topis topoi topos tops tor tori toro toros tors torsi torso tory toy toyo toyos toys trio trios trip tripos trips tripy trois troop troops trop troy troys try tryp tryps typo typos tyro tyros yip yips yo yoop yoops yos

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