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June 19th, 2013: HOLIEST

Definition: HOLY*HOLIER*HOLIEST adj having a divine nature or origin

Anagrams: eoliths hostile

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: helistoP helotisM holsteiN hoOliest hoPlites hostileS hotliNes isoPleth Neoliths shitHole

'Typos': hokiest homiest

Blana-grams: Betoils Bolshie Bothies Citoles Clothes Coltish Doltish eChoist eloGist eltChis eNtoils estoilE estRiol ethioNs ethioPs etoilEs hAlites heliAst heRiots hilLoes histoNe hitlesS hoGties hoisteD hoisteR holistS holLies holsteR hoPlite hostelS hostleR hotliNe hotTies hoWlets hYloist iolItes isohelS isohYet isolAte leFtish lioNets listeTh lithesT lithoeD litoTes loAthes loGiest loiteRs lothesT loUtish Motiles Neolith oilIest oilLets oliVets oNliest oOlites oOliths oPhites ostiOle oUtlies oWliest Piolets Pistole sheltiE shoRtie shotTle sleiGht slitheR slotheD stoOlie thiBles thisTle thiVels thoWels thYlose toileRs toileTs toiseCh toshieR Violets Whistle Wholist Zloties

Extensions: UNholiest

Sub-anagrams: eh ehs el elhi els elt elts eolith es est et eth ethos eths he heil heils heist helio helios helo helos helot helots hes hest het hets hi hie hies hilt hilts his hist hit hits ho hoe hoes hoi hoise hoist hole holes holies holist hols holt holts hos hose hosel host hostel hot hote hotel hotels hots io ios is ish isle islet iso isohel istle it its lei leis leish les lest let lets li lie lies lis list lit lite lites lith lithe lithes litho lithos liths lits lo los lose losh lost lot lote lotes loth loti lots oe oes oh ohs oi oil oils ole oles os ose sei seil sel set sh she sheol shet shiel shit shite shoe shot shote si sieth sile silo silt sit site sith sithe slit sloe slot sloth so soh soil sol sole solei soli sot soth st steil stie stile stole te teil teils tel teloi telos tels tes the thio thiol thiols this tho thole tholes tholi those ti tie ties til tile tiles tils tis to toe toes toil toile toiles toils toise tole toles tose tosh

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