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May 20th, 2013: ACHROMAT

Definition: ACHROMAT*ACHROMATS n a type of lens

Anagrams: trachoma

Hooks: achromatS

Ana-hooks: tachoGram trachomaS

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aromatIc athEroma chamPart chromatE marathoN oUtcharm oUtmarch racahoUt thoracaL

Extensions: achromatIC achromatIN achromatINS achromatISE achromatISM achromatIZE achromatOUS achromatISED achromatISES achromatISMS achromatIZED achromatIZES METachromatIC achromatICITY achromatISING achromatIZING achromatOPSIA achromatICALLY achromatOPSIAS achromatICITIES achromatISATION achromatIZATION

Sub-anagrams: aa aah ach act acta actor ah aha am ama amah amort amtrac aorta ar arc arch arco arhat arm aroma art at atma atoc atom cam car carat carom cart carta cat ch cha cham chao char chara charm chart charta chat chota chroma coat coma comart cor coram corm cot coth cram ha haar ham hao haoma haram harm haro hart hat hm ho hoa hoar hoc hora hot ma maa maar mac mach macho macro mar mara marah marc marcato march mart mat match math mho mo moa moat moc moch mocha mohr mor mora morat mort mot moth oar oat oath oca och octa oh ohm om omrah or ora orach orc orca orchat ort raca rach rah ram ramcat rat rata ratch rath rato rho roach roam roc roch rom roma rot rota rotch ta tach tacho taco taha tahr tam tao tar tara tarmac taro taroc thar tharm tho thro to toc tom tor tora torah torc torch tram

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