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April 8th, 2013: RESPADE


Anagrams: preased speared

Hooks: respadeD respadeS

Ana-hooks: aIrspeed asperGed asperSed Bedrapes Bespread depraVes epHedras esCarped paseAred pederasT persUade persWade perVades pLeaders preasSed predaTes preFades presaGed rapeseEd reLapsed repasSed repasTed repLeads resHaped respaCed respRead spreadeR spreaZed Trapesed

'Typos': respace

Blana-grams: adepTer adHeres adpresS adVerse aMperes aperIes asperGe asperSe aspIred aspreAd Bedrape Capered Creased daMpers dapPers deaDers deaLers deaNers dearesT dearIes deBaser deCares deKares deLapse deparTs deperMs depOser depraVe depresS deraTes despaIr dIapers draGees drapeRs drapeTs draWees dreaRes eLapsed eMpared eMpares eNdears epeIras epHedra esCaped esCaper esTrade eVaders Grasped Greased Headers Hearsed Leaders Leapers Oreades padDers paNders paPered parAdes pareseS parKees pearCed pearCes pearLed pedDers pedLars pedLers perCase perdUes persUed perUsed perVade pesadeS peTards pHrased pLeader pLeased pLeaser praeseS praIsed preaCed preaCes preaGed preaseS preasSe predaTe predIes preFade preMade preMeds presaGe presaLe presIde presSed presTed rapPees readeRs readIes reapeRs reasTed redaTes redCaps redeaLs redeaRs redseaR reLapse reMades reMeads repaVed repaVes repeaLs repeaTs repLead repOsed reReads resaWed resedaS resHape respeaK reTaped reTapes saBered sCarped sCraped searCed sedaTer sepaLed serapeS sHarped sHeared sKeared sMeared sNeaped spaderS spadGer sparGed sparKed sparRed speaKer speaNed speareR speedEr speerEd speIred speLder speNder sperRed sperSed spHaere spHeare spHered spIered spraYed spreadS spreaZe spredDe sTeared sUpered Tapered Tasered

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ads ae aedes ape aped aper apers apes apres apse ar ard ards are ared arede aredes ares ars arse as asp asper da dae daes dap daps dare dares das de dear deare deares dears dee deep deeps deer deers dees dere deres drap drape drapes draps dree drees ea ear eard eards eared ears eas ease eased ed ee er era eras erase erased ere ered eres ers es pa pad padre padres pads par pard pardee pards pare pared pares pars parse parsed pas pase pe pea pear peare peares pears peas pease peased ped pedes peds pee peed peer peers pees per pere perea peres perse pes pesade prad prads prase pre prease pree preed prees presa prese rad rade rads rap rape raped rapes raps ras rase rased rasp rasped re read reads reap reaped reaps red rede redes reds ree reed reeds rees rep reps res reseda sad sade sae sap sar sard sared saree sea sear seare seared sed seder see seed seep seer sepad ser sera serape sere sered spa spade spader spae spaed spaer spar spard spare spared spear sped speed speer sprad spread spred spree spreed

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