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March 21st, 2013: SPASTIC

Definition: SPASTIC*SPASTICS n one suffering from spastic paralysis (a paralysis with muscle spasms)

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: spasticS

Ana-hooks: asEptics Escapist pLastics pOtassic spaciEst

'Typos': spasmic

Blana-grams: ascitEs asEptic aspEcts aspicKs capsiDs casitAs casUist catNips catsUps cEsspit cOpitas Dicasts Ectasis Fascist Haptics iMpacts Mastics Misacts Miscast paciEst paNiscs paPists pastiEs pastiLs patHics patsiEs pEtsais pissaNt pitsaWs pLacits pLastic psOatic ptisaNs Racists Rapists sacRist saWpits scaitHs scaMpis scOtias scRipts sEptics spatHic spicatE spitaLs staTics tapisEs tapisTs tipcaTs Upcasts

Extensions: spasticITY ANTIspastic EPIspasticS VASOspastic spasticALLY spasticITIES EPIspastic(S) BRONCHOspastic

Sub-anagrams: act acts ai ais ait aits apsis apt apts as asci asp aspic aspics aspis asps ass at cap capi caps cast casts cat cats cis cist cists cit cits is it ita itas its pa pac pacs pact pacts pais pas pass past pastis pasts pat pats pi pia pias pic pica picas pics pis piss pit pita pitas pits psi psis psst pst sac sacs sai saic saics sais saist sap saps sat sati satis scapi scat scats si sic sics sip sips sis sist sit sits spa spait spaits spas spat spats spic spica spicas spics spit spits st stap staps stipa stipas ta tai tais tap tapis taps tas tass ti tic tics tip tips tis

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