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February 23rd, 2013: CONSUL

Definition: CONSUL*CONSULS n an official serving abroad

Anagrams: clonus

Hooks: consulS consulT

Ana-hooks: colOnus coluMns counsEl ulIcons uncloGs unclosE uncoIls uncolTs uncoWls unlocKs

'Typos': consol

Blana-grams: Buncos clonEs clonKs clouDs clouRs clouTs cloWns clunKs colEus colIns colOns coluMn coRnus coulIs counTs cousIn Ensoul Gluons Insoul Juncos locuMs locusT lounDs nIcols noulEs nouslE oculUs osculA osculE ouncEs scHuln sloucH ulIcon unclEs uncloG uncoIl uncolT uncoOl uncoWl unlocK unlosT unsolD unsoUl

Extensions: consulAR consulTA consulTS consulAGE consulARS consulATE consulTAS consulTED consulTEE consulTER consulTOR PROconsulS consulAGES consulATES consulSHIP consulTANT consulTEES consulTERS consulTING consulTIVE consulTORS consulTORY PROconsulAR consulSHIPS consulTANCY consulTANTS PROconsul(S) consulTATION consulTATIVE consulTATORY JURISconsulTS PROconsulATES PROconsulSHIP consulTANCIES consulTATIONS PROconsulSHIPS consulTANTSHIP JURISconsulT(S) PROconsulATE(S) consulTANTSHIPS PROconsulSHIP(S)

Sub-anagrams: clon clons clou clous col cols con cons conus cos lo locus los loun louns no nos noul nouls nous nu nus on oncus ons onus os ou scul so soc sol son sou soul sun un unco uncos uns us

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