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January 31st, 2013: TORUS

Definition: TORUS*TORI*TORUSES n a large convex molding

Anagrams: roust routs stour tours

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Courts Grouts oustEr outErs roBust roustS routEs routHs soutEr sProut stourE stourS stourY strouD stuPor suItor torOus trouTs tuMors turBos tusSor tuTors

'Typos': sorus tofus tolus tonus toras torcs tores toros torrs torts tours

Blana-grams: Autos Borts Bouts Bruts Burst Court Crust Curst Duros Durst Euros Forts Fours Frost Gouts Grots Grout Gusto Horst Hours Hurst Hurts Joust Lotus Lours Louts Morts oustS outEr outrE Ports Pours Pouts Prost rAtos rIots roAst roOst roOts rosEt rotAs rotEs rotIs rotLs rotOs rouEs rouPs rousE routE routH ruNts rustS rustY rutHs rYots sCour sCout sHort sHout sKort sNort sNout sortA sortS sourS soutH sPort sPout sPurt storE storK storM storY stouP stouT stroP stroW stroY struM struT sturT suDor sutrA tAros tHous tIros torsE torsI torsK torsO tousE touTs trIos troGs troIs troTs trouT troWs troYs truEs truGs trusS trusT tuMor turBo turFs turKs turNs turPs tuTor tYros Worst Worts Wurst Yours Yurts

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: or ors ort orts os our ours oust out outs rot rots rout rust rut ruts so sort sot sou sour to tor tors tour us ut uts

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